September 25, 2016

O' zapft is! - My Oktoberfest look


The German festival "Oktoberfest" is in full swing and this is the best time to finally show you my dirndl. Dirndls are the traditional dresses worn for Oktoberfest. They are also the traditional costumes worn in Bavaria and Austria in general. As I have some family living in Bavaria, having a dirndl is a good thing to wear on several occasions. This doesn't get enough wear though to justify buying a very expensive one at one of the specialized stores and therefore I have been searching for one at thrift stores. It took me a while to find all the pieces, but I am finally happy with all the pieces and wanted to share it here. My tip when you are looking for seasonal items or special things like this, which you won't wear as often: don't always buy the expensive pieces at the official stores, even though the pieces there are well made, special and top of the class. It is not always worth that much money. A good dirndl can cost you hundreds of euros. If you are not living in the region and wearing traditional costumes on a regular basis, so you will be wearing it only a couple of times a year, it might be a waste of your money. If you have the time to look for the right pieces, please consider thrift and second hand shops. There are also stores that specialize in second hand costumes, but German thrift shops do have a section for them especially prior to Oktoberfest.


So, what I found at the thrift shop: A wonderful dirndl in black with black, white and red stripes and a red apron with the strap on the correct side to tie it correctly as a girl in a relationship. For more information on how to tie your apron correctly, please check out this page. I also bought an underskirt in black with a lace trimming. This is optional, but is such a cute detail when it shows underneath the skirt hem. My dirndl blouse is new, but I bought it at a second hand store as well. They sometimes sell leftovers from store closures and this one was from one of those. My traditional cardigan is whool and handmade by Mr.B's mom. She is fantastic with the knitting needles and made that cardigan for me when I found this dirndl and matched the little floral details to the apron color. I do have to say that the dirndl is very modest. Often, they are very low cut showing lots of cleavage, but I am glad that mine is not as open in the front. Hope you have similar experiences with thrift shops. I was so lucky with my look and all together (including the whool for the cardigan) this look cost me about 50€. Thats totally acceptable. 


What I wore

Dirndl & apron: thrifted, probably handmade
Blouse: Stockerpoint
Shift underskirt: thrifted, 
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Jacket: handmade
Ring, Bag & Necklace: Heirloom





September 21, 2016

Under the September Sun


This September has been good to us being one of the hottest and sunniest ones in decades. Mr.B and I decided to spend as many evenings outdoors as possible even with our schedules being extremely full. I am currently in the middle of a new school year and new students always require some more attention, classes need to be prepared and free time is sparse, but we made the most of it nonethertheless. This look is on constant rotation this summer and I just recently posted a more edgy version of this dress. This time, I opted for red accessories with the pink dress and it worked really well! Love that almost the entire look is vintage as well. 



What I wore

Dress, Belt, Bag: Thrifted, mostly vintage
Necklace and Shoes: Primark
Bracelet: thrifted, Kalevala
Red lips: Chanel Rouge Allure "Pirate"




September 18, 2016

Travel Diary - Mountain City Mijas, Spain



This is the last stop of my tour around Andalusia and I saved this beautiful place for last! As one of the many white cities of this area, Mijas is a small town built right into the mountain and has such a charm that can't be described. I love me a picturesque place and this was really special. We actually managed to go here twice and used the time to stroll around the little alleys and did some souvenir shopping.


The white and blue is just mesmerizing!





World map made out of ceramic animals and figures






It was a pleasure to share this trip with you and I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe I managed to inspire you to go to Andalusia on your next trip - it is definitely worth it!

September 15, 2016

Is it Autumn yet?


I like these summer temperatures, but Autumn is upon us and I actually can't wait, wearing sweaters, dresses and boots. This is my first atempt to a fall look with darker colours and comfy clothes. Even got out my felt hat! 


What I wore

Cape: C&A
Necklace: Thrifted
Hat: Monki
Earrings: gift, old
Bracelets: Glitter
Boots: Deichmann
Watch: Skagen







September 12, 2016

Dotted Daisies


As a teacher it is always difficult to be fashionable and not wear something too revealing or frumpy. I love the 50s style and feel that it suits me fine also at work. This skirt was something that I was not 100% sure about when it was a dress, but now as a skirt it feels just right. A beautiful print in combination with a simple top, et voilĂ ! Perfect for work and play. 



What I wore

Skirt: Etsy, was originally a dress
Cardigan: Ernsting's Family
Earrings & Necklace: Kalevala
Shirt: C&A





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